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Notes and glossary for the timetable:
Service listed as “weekday except holidays“: refers to work days from Monday to Saturday, excluding the 4 week period which corresponds to annual summer closure of main industrial activities, and which generally falls in whole or partly in August;
The service listed as “school days only “, unless deemed as exceptions by the relevant authorities, are days of service which follow the official school calendar published by Region of Piedmont (edition 2014-2015). Therefore they do not fully correspond to the actual teaching days required by each individual institution served by one or more lines.
Restrictions: Attention must always be paid to restrictions on each route.
The letter E denotes “Excluding” while the letter S denotes “Only”, numbers indicate the day of the week. (EG. 1=Monday, 6= Saturday). Therefore E6 represents restricted service on a route from Monday to Friday
References: Any symbols present are explained in the foot notes of the timetables.

To search for all routes and each stop for a specific date and time, there is an active search functions on the map or the complete timetable can be viewed and downloaded.

Notes for Tariff Classes (suburban lines):

The timetable for each route with selected departure and arrival points also shows the relevant tariff class (Eg. Route 320: Terengo – Chiavazza/ Chiavazza – Terengo = Tariff class no.2):


Conversion table of tariff class prices

For pricing regulations, the following documents may also be consulted or downloaded:
Explanation of Rates
Index of suburban routes numbered for public use or with “Pea” numbering system (for distribution use)

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